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About C4Care
C4Care is a company founded by Charlton Inesia with a long background in medical imaging like DR, Mammography, CT/MR and IT systems(RIS-PACS).

In various expertises like sales, project management, applications and services.
C4Care is mainly active in Europe (The Netherlands and Belgium-Flanders)and The Caribbean/South America.
We have been successfully active on The Netherlands Antilles and Surinam.

We are increasing our activities in both markets. To keep provide you with the best solution and support. And to meet your needs in the best way.

Innovations always brings new problems to the surface in various directions mostly not of interest to the bigger companies.

C4Care’s focus is to create innovative solutions to solve these existing problems in the Medical IT niche market by introducing simple and effective products and solutions.

Solutions directly connected to modalities, to the PACS or the storage realizing a improved quality for the user.

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C4Care · Operetteweg 21a · 1323 VK Almere · The Netherlands · phone: +31 6 113 20 551 · e-mail: info@c4caremedical.com